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Understanding income streams during retirement. Understanding your retirement plans and pension maximization strategies Social Security Benefits Integration Strategies

Family Protection Strategies

Will your spouse be able to remain in-place should you die first?
What about if you become disabled and cannot earn an income?
How will you take care of everything that your spouse does should he or she die before you?
Do your children’s – or grandchildren’s – education plans have the ability to be self-completing?

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Legacy Strategies

When your life is done, how do you want to be remembered?
Do you want your assets to go straight to your beneficiaries, or do you want to protect those assets for future generations while still providing income for your immediate beneficiaries?
Are there specific colleges, universities, schools, or other charities you would want to support?

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Financial Professionals

Reap the rewards of your hard work with a satisfying career helping others.

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Welcome to the companies of
Cambridge Financial Partners, LLC,
OneCambridge in Florida.

As we age, so do our needs and goals, including how we view our finances. Throughout the financial continuum, we make our decisions based on the time period where we find ourselves, and it’s difficult for us to see that these current decisions can potentially impact all future financial outcomes.

Let’s liken this to a journey up Mt. Everest. If we were to plan our journey, it would be for a continuous one, not only to get to the top, but also be to get back down - safely!  At Cambridge, we educate our clients to understand the wealth building process leading up to retirement, how retirement income streams work, the protection components needed along the way, the income distribution process, and finally the wealth transfer process -and treat it as one continuous journey. With these strategies, we strive to help you to maintain today’s quality of life without sacrificing tomorrow’s financial Security.

Ultimately our strategy, not the product, becomes the differentiator. We are committed to help our clients find a level of financial security that is based upon educated decision making and strategies, and ultimately our strategies - not the product – the differentiate Cambridge from many companies.

Cambridge is an organization with a culture of teamwork committed to fostering trust with you, our clients. All along the way, we continually verify your situation with you to ensure that we are doing our best to optimize your strategies. Often times we utilize partners to verify our findings and strategies, especially allied professionals such as your Accountants, Attorneys, and Financial Advisors. Through teamwork, we strive to provide you with the information and knowledge required to take action based upon informed decision making.

Thank you for visiting the Cambridge Financial Partners website.  Feel free to look around and read through the items that we feel differentiate us, such as our client experience, strategies, diverse background, and education of our professionals. Your comments are welcomed, and should you like to be contacted, please enter your information under the contact tab and someone will get back to you within one business day.