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Cambridge Financial Partners

20151 SW Birch Street

Suite 250
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Our Mission

A Different Approach

We are strategists; we are not product people. Our mission includes educating our clients with the information and knowledge they need to make strategic retirement decisions, with the ultimate goal of realizing financial security and independence through informed decision making.

This process enables our clients to recognize opportunities and try to maximize the value of their hard-earned benefits, and can result in a better understanding of how their personal retirement income streams work, while at the same time recognizing the factors that erode and reduce spendable income. The ultimate goal of this process is that our clients have greater use, control, and enjoyment of their money throughout their lives, as well as for their dreams, hopes, and aspirations for their heirs.

Our clients make informed and educated decisions well before any product considerations. Once a strategy is in place, it empowers our clients to make educated financial decisions which can then include an appropriate selection of financial products.

Contact us to learn more about our approach and get started on your path, that you can see and trust, for you and your family’s future.